Saturday, August 9, 2008

Stone Knives I

It is the busy season at work of late, so I have not posted in a bit. Though, little by little I have knapped (recreational therapy) and assembled twenty-some knives of flint, obsidian, and novaculite. I like using antler for handles as it gives the knife a bit of rustic character. Usually, I will use deer antler, but recently I have come upon a source of elk spikes that look and work well. In the past I've tried soaking the sinew binding in water to soften it, concerned about the sanitary aspect of it, but working it in the mouth still seems to prep it the best... perhaps it is the digestive acids in the saliva that make the difference. In all, not bad but I do not think it will catch on as a new taste


Mungo Says Bah! said...

Wow - those are incredible looking knives. I am in awe. Around Toronto, Ontario where I live (on Lake Ontario), I can't seem to find any stone for knapping, and it's driving me mad... I'm going to keep looking, but in the meantime, will just drop by your blog and wonder at your creations. Nice work!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful stuff! Do you use artifical sinew for hafting?

Mark said...

Thanx Mungo & Norseman. Norseman, no...I usually use elk backstrap sinew, chew it up, wrap it. When it dries it shrinks tight. Then apply a layer of hide glue. Hide glue is made by boiling down hide scraps...stinky process.

Mungo Says Bah! said...

Very nice... I've got my copy of Larry Dean Olsen's book right here, was reading it last night on the back deck.

Have you ever considered selling any of your creations?


Mark said...

Olsen's book was like my 'bed time story book' my imagination with possibilities. The Society of Primitive Technology Bulletins are great.

I do sell knives & stuff at events I demonstrate at...pays for the gas & groceries. Have an event coming up the end of the month & up to 50 assorted knives, spears, tomahawk, war club, etc.

Mark (

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