Saturday, August 8, 2009

I feel a little crazed today. Just got off a 60 hour work week, now...grilling hamburgers for supper in the 100-degree heat of the day. I can't wait to get over our busy season. Working as a web press operator, for an educational publisher, summers are the time to get materials printed for the next school season starting late August into September. The past couple of weeks I have been able to make a few stone knives - mainly for therapy. Even doing that was an effort as the body has taken another beating from hours of constant go, go, go. But, I love doing it...being able to thin out a piece of stone and flake it into a blade or tool. The knife, second from the left, I used at work to open skids of paper last week. That always brings some curious glances. I kind of prefer a short stout blade that can take a beating. Well, gotta go...time to flip the burgers.


Iowa Woodsman said...

Hey Mark, why don't you stop by Bushcraft USA and post some of you work. The people would love to see it. If you do vids that would be even better, there has been some requests for flint napping.

Snake Dr. said...

Your Flint Knapped Knive's are Real Nice Mark, "There Beautiful", I'm Real Interested In your Work, If you get a chance could you shoot me an E-Mail at Thank's !