Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another Stone Knife

Finished another stone knife, nice and sharp,...have the cuts to prove it. My posts have been sporadic over the past year as I have had to make some different choices of how I use my time. Primitive skills is still an ever present passion though. I have more ideas of projects I would like to do, than time and energy to carry them out. I have been playing with fire making with a marcassite nodule. The challenge is finding the right natural material to serve as a spark catcher, as the sparks are quite small. But I did come across an interesting article in the Bulletin for the Society of Primitive Technology. Al Cornell was addressing this same subject of spark catchers for flint and marcassite firemaking. So, I have my next project to work on, in between flintknapping sessions, and will report on this later.


Unknown said...

Hello Mark.

A little message from Normandy to say your stone knife work is really great.

I can imagine that it's been a long and hard work for such a nice result.

Your style is an inspiration !



Keith said...

Beautiful as usual.
Great work.