Sunday, May 8, 2011

Always, More Stone Knives

Spring finds me doing some knapping and making knives, processing sinew, and continuing to experiment with the marcasite and flint firemaking. Sometimes I get off work and have to fire up a bow drill hot coal just to smell the aroma of smoldering yucca. I've been anxious to get out and sleep under the stars, but family commitments have kept me busy.


Keith said...

Beautiful as usual.

Mammoth said...

I have been following you blog for some time and now make an announcement of my intention to traverse the Alaskan Arctic region once again for the summer of 2012. I believe you are a reincarnated 'paleo' hunter as perhaps I am as well (seems plausible). I am driven to the high Arctic in search of mammoth Tusks, discovering artifacts is essential, I am somehow connected, I am back home...there. For over thirty years I have beach combed these areas, successfully and can hear the land as it speaks. I am seeking a few others to this expedition, those with the 'connection' that consider it essential to 'return, as I do"