Wednesday, December 26, 2018

2019 Primitive Skill Goals

I recognize people enjoy seeing videos of primitive skill technics.  There are a number areas that I recognize that I may know the prescribed methods to produce certain technics, but like most I have utilized modern tools to do to speed up the process, and have not done them primitively.   I need to practice primitive, so I can teach/demonstrate primitive.

1.  Drill shaft holes, for foreshafts, on spears and darts using stone, bone, or antler drills. Further
     research how this could be done with Stone Age tools.  Post results.
2.  Make and post videos of technics:
     a.  Corn cob bow drill fire making
     b.  Antler axe use
     c.  Bow drill fire making
     d.  Drilling foreshaft holes
3.  Make and use antler axes/adze.
4.  Drill handle hole in antler axe using stone or wood drills.
5.  Compare bone drilling/shaping using dry and soaking bone
6.  Experiment and form levallois core and blades.
7.  Research and practice notch forming on spear and handle shafts, using Stone Age tools.
8.  Use fire to debark, round handle, and form wedge on diggings sticks.  Compare to Neanderthal            technics.
9.  Practice ‘new’ indirect percussion technic for blades and thinning.
10. Rudger roll technic.
11. Neanderthal birch bark pitch ‘handle’ on scraping flake.
12. Rattan fire thong technic.

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