Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I recognize that I like to create 'how-to' instructional displays. It wasn't long after becoming involved with primitive skills that I wanted to share how ingenious primitive technology was. I love flintknapping, making stone tools-points, blades, drills, etc. The next logical step it to attach them to a handle, or shaft, to make them more functional. The lower picture is some of the materials from my hafting display I use to illustrate how native peoples utilized natures resources to bind tools together...

A notch is made, to seat a point, by drilling a hole thru a wooden foreshaft with a simple stone drill. The remaining wood is split out forming the notch. Pine pitch is then melted on a rock over hot coals and mixed with powered charcoal, or animal dung. This is used to 'glue' the point into the notch. It is then further secured on with sinew, plant cordages, or rawhide cut into strips. Pitch is often placed over the cordage to secure and waterproof it.

(Click for larger picture)

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