Monday, July 7, 2008

Paleolithic Shop of Horrors

We are creatures of habit. I am amazed at how many times I step out to the Paleolithic Shop of Horrors, pick up an odd flake, and lo and behold I have another quasi-Cody knife blade. I think I have made a ga-zillion of them. Now to haft them...>sheesh<.

I make mention of the Paleolithic Shop of a modern hunter/gatherer...well, gatherer...I now have to sit on a stool just outside the door to work on my projects. It is so full of buckets of rocks, rivercane for darts, beat up deer hides, sticks for spears and handles for clubs & tomahawks. Buckets of clay and bones, and bundles of sinew and rawhide crowd me out. It really feels like Christmas though, when I start rummaging thru and come across a long forgotten [FILL IN THE BLANK]. It's the simple dirty stinky things that make me happy.


Norseman said...

Beautiful work! How long have you been knapping? Where did you learn? Can you recommend any good books on the subject?

sandhillcowboy1 said...

Mark, nice work on the blog! Hope you can make BCVIII this year! I finally finished my 10 yr plant the finished sets by FEDX today......had some private stock Australian wine to celebrate;)


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