Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rumaging around I came across my deer leg bone drill extension for the bowdrill. Kennie Sherron presented this idea, which John McPherson introduced in his booklets. Sometimes you can't always find nice long staight drill material, or the ones you have are worn down from use. I notice in my supply of yucca stalks, only a small portion are good for drills. But, I have plenty of bit-size pieces. To make the drill extension-a lower deer leg bone has been scored, and the top and bottom ends removed. Sinew, and a little hide glue, is wrapped around both ends to prevent splitting. A pointy hardwood 'cap' is carved and glued into the top end, that will spin in the handheld socket (...actually a hardwood stick simply forced into the top would have been simpler.) The bits are shaved to snuggly form fit into the lower end. The square-ish shape of the bone rides well in the bow string with no slippage. As Mr. Sherron describes it..."for the Indian who has it all."


Anonymous said...

Damn you have a lot of "stuff"

billco said...

Wonderful blog you have. Loads of interesting information and pictures. I looked through most of your older posts and I will return to read them more thoroughly as I get time. There is a new foreum on TreasureNet on modern knapping. Its a subforum of American Indian Artifacts. If you haven't seen it, you might find it interesting.

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