Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year

A new year is upon us and a time that people set goals.  I have not been as active on this blog in the past couple of years.  It kind of goes in spurts of ambition. There are things I want to learn, to improve upon, and practice.  Some of these are:  Learning to recognize and utilize more wild plants.  I know a base amount, but I would like to start a pressbook, or collection in some form for demonstrations and instruction.  I know willow bark contains the components of asprin, but it would be more useful to actually process it.  Water is one of the most important  necessities of life, but I recognize I need more practice gathering, filtering, and purifying it.  I've made buckskin moccasins, but I recognize that footwear is very important for my tender tootsies and need to try coiling sandals out of cattails or inner bark. As far as containers I need to make various sizes of burden baskets. This is just a few things.  There is so much more interest in survival, bushcrafting, primitive skills, prepping, and a multitude of new books and television reality shows highlighting associated skills.  I am aiming at keeping this blog as primitive as possible but may have to start a new blog for bushcrafting projects.