Sunday, August 31, 2008

Elkhorn Valley Museum - Pioneer Day

Just returned after a day of sun and fun at Pioneer Day at the Elkhorn Valley Museum in Norfolk, NE. Not the best picture that I wanted to share, but once the day began with visitors I forgot to snap some shots. Some of the exhibitors included woodworking and carving, storytelling, native flute, and churning butter. I provided a display and demonstration of Native living skills - flintknapping stone blades and hafting them with natural materials as pitch/dung adhesives and sinew. Discussed the evolution of hunting weapons from thrusting spears, to darts/atlatls, to bow and arrow in Nebraska history. The "deer leg tool kit" showed the possible bone tools, sinew, and adhesive from a deer leg...wasting nothing. Of course, everyone loves seeing fire made from "rubbing two sticks together"
Everytime I get done with an event, I pull out my notebook, and answer the question, "What have I learned?" This exercise helps me to improve what I do, be better organized, and present a better display and program of instruction...and entertainment.

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